About Theresa

All the things I love is what my business is all about
— Martha Stewart

While I might not be in the same league as Martha, I absolutely resonate with that quote. I started my career as a Special Events Planner, organizing everything from corporate cocktail parties to movie premiers. Then my life was centered on staying home to raise my three wonderful children for 27 years while still volunteering my skills at school and church. Now an empty nester, I’ve reignited my passions for creating a beautiful home, a nourishing kitchen and entertaining. 

When I first did a round of Whole30 and felt amazing for the first time in years, I knew I had to share this news with others. Getting certified as a Whole30 Coach has been an unexpected, wonderful adventure that lets me share this passion while helping people change their lives with the food on their plate.

I became a Scout & Cellar Wine Consultant after giving up wine for several years post Whole30 due to the terrible side effects. A friend encouraged me to try this Clean Crafted Wine which contains organic, lab tested ingredients and NO added sugar. I had zero negative effects on my body and the wine tasted absolutely delicious. I have drank it exclusively for ten months now and am excited to sell this incredible product.


Thrilled to have won the Peer Coach of the Year Award at the first ever Coach Summit in Utah. 

(pictured Melissa Hartwig)