Whole 30


"Food will either make you healthy or unhealthy" 

It Starts With Food

When my daughter was nine years old —


— she suffered with paralyzing anxiety and obsessive-compulsive tendencies. Through the help of a functional medicine doctor we were able to miraculously heal her from all of her symptoms by eliminating gluten from her diet. I’ve also been able to keep my Autoimmune diseases under control through eliminating food groups. When I discovered the Whole 30 program it was the last piece of the puzzle for me. Not only did I feel amazing that month, but my dependency on sugar was broken. I now have a different relationship with food and I want to honor my body by feeding it well.



Coaching Packages:


$150 for 30 days

Join my Private Facebook group for the duration of your Whole 30. We
all start together and finish together. There will be a Daily check- in
where I share tips, a “Daily Dinner recipe” and answer questions. This
offers you accountability and group support which is proven to be
better than going it alone.


$250 for 6 weeks
Which includes:
+Private coaching
+Prep week
+Re-introduction week

We will Facetime once a week, talk about how to get your kitchen and
mind ready the week before we officially start and then walk through
the food re-introduction the week after the 30 days is over.

For Locals Only

$400 for 6 weeks

Private Coaching + we will meet to shop for
your Whole 30! I am also available to come to your home for pantry
clean out. I want to set you up for success in your own kitchen.

Theresa Newman