Scout & Cellar Wine


Wine…what in the world does that have to do with my Whole30 Certified Coaching business? Well actually, everything! The Whole30 is a 30 Day Health Reset meant to educate you about possible food intolerances, how to read labels and discover triggers that cause you to make poor food choices. If you do a proper Reintroduction like we teach, you should move into Food Freedom and be able to enjoy the foods you want if they agree with you. The 30 days served it’s purpose and then you go back to your life with a new found knowledge.

For me, after my Whole30 I discovered that gluten, dairy and white sugar cause me to have joint pain and brain fog.  Corn makes my eczema flare and eggs (yes they are Whole30 compliant) make my tummy ache and cause me to bloat.  

When I introduced a glass of wine, which I do enjoy, I had a severe headache, dry mouth and joint pain.  I felt terrible the next day as well.  I thought it was a fluke so I tried again but ended up with the same issues.  I started doing research on what goes into a bottle of wine and guess what ?  Who knows?!  The United States does not have to let consumers know what they are using in addition to grapes and those who have done further research have reported back staggering findings.  Besides the pesticides that are sprayed on the vines themselves, American vineyards add sugar, food coloring and yeast to enhance the flavors of their wine.  They also use these things to ensure consistency in the taste of their product- even though vineyards yield a different result each year.  


Enter Scout and Cellar Clean Crafted wines.  A friend gave me two bottles for a housewarming gifts because he said “I know you like to eat organic”. It was honestly the best wine I have ever tasted.  And guess what?  I had no side effects like before!  I ordered several more bottles and have been drinking it exclusively since July. I recently became a Consultant because I believe so passionately in sharing this message and the products.  

Scout and Cellar lab tests their products to ensure low levels of sulfites, no added sugar and they are all organic..I encourage you to taste and feel the difference.  If you are like me, you will never want to drink your old favorites.  

You can get a subscription or just order a few bottles to see if you like it.  

Read more about the company and their high standards here.