Baltimore Crab Cakes


I grew up in Baltimore and there was always an abundance of crabmeat for recipes.  Steamed crabs were part of every Summer, usually caught by my Grandfather and steamed at his home.  My Mom made crab cakes as part of her regular dinner rotation.  I never knew what a luxury this was until I was married and moved to Atlanta.  People don't eat steamed crabs for sport there and finding a pound of lump crabmeat was difficult.  My sweet husband even shipped in a bushel of steamed crabs for my birthday one year.  They were cold and not quite the same experience, but the taste of Old Bay was delightful.

We are back living on the East Coast now and I never take the joy of eating crabs for granted. The proper way to make a great crab cake is simple....crabmeat, Old Bay and Mayonnaise.  That is it.  No breading or filler needed.  That's what makes it the perfect Whole30 dish- so long as you use compliant Mayo with no sugar added (like Primal Kitchen).  Just mix one pound of crab meat with 2 Tablespoons Old Bay and half a cup of Mayo.  Broil for 5 minutes, flip and broil other side.  Watch carefully so they do not burn.

You can find crab meat at a seafood store if you are lucky but I have also been using Phillips Crab meat found at Costco!  Phillips is a Baltimore company and I have had great success with their product- delicious taste and no shells.

I serve my crab cakes with lemon, mustard or homemade cocktail sauce.  Tessemae's makes a compliant ketchup and all you do is mix that with a little horseradish.  If you are really wanting the full experience, make homemade fries and sprinkle with Old Bay.

I hope you give these a try and experience what a true Baltimore Crab Cake tastes like.  

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Phillips will ship to you if you can't find their products in the store

Phillips will ship to you if you can't find their products in the store