Coconut Grain Free Oatmeal


Today I made the "Oatmeal" made out of Acorn Squash from the book Nourish.  It was so delicious and a wonderful Breakfast option for someone who cannot eat eggs.  As part of my healing I have done four Whole30 rounds and try to stick to a Paleo diet on the months when I am not strictly Whole30.  Grains can be very inflammatory and in my quest for low inflammation I limit them.

 Here is my version of the "Oatmeal".

I cooked two Acorn Squash in my Instant Pot for 10 minutes (Manual setting).  If you don't have an instant pot, grab one because honestly you will be amazed at how fast it cooks food and how tender meat is in about 30 minutes!!  

After mashing the insides of the squash I added one can coconut milk, one Tablespoon Raw honey, one teaspoon honey and one cup of unsweetened applesauce.  Simmer till heated through.  Serve with chopped apples and sliced almonds. Delicious!!