How to Thrive, Not Just Survive Your January Whole30

If I had to give you the Darling Dozen MUST HAVE items to get in preparation for your January Whole30, this would be it. This list comes after my own four personal rounds and a year’s worth of Coaching clients through their Whole30. If you still are making a Christmas list then add these quickly or treat yourself when the post Christmas sales hit the stores.

January Whole30 Survival Kit.jpg

1. All of the Whole30 books are wonderful but if you don’t like to cook then this is a great book for you. Throw everything in the Slow Cooker before work and at the day’s end you will have a wholesome, completely compliant and delicious meal. The slow cooker has turned my non cooking clients into believers!

2. Michelle Smith is the real deal and while her recipes are very doable, they have that extra special something that kicks it up a notch. Clearly marked Whole30 recipes and also some for after your round when you are living in Food Freedom.

3. This little gadget will turn any vegetable into “noodles” which become the base for delicious sauces. I personally use it a ton during a round of Whole30 as I do not like to buy the pre-cut options in the grocery store. I like to know when my veggies were cut so as not to get any weird molds or listeria. Plus kids think this is tons of fun!

4. How did we ever live without the almighty Instant Pot? Meal prep is very important but in a pinch you can throw things in this baby and have dinner ready in 15 minutes. Don’t be scared…this is not your Grandmother’s pressure cooker. 

5. The New Primal sauces and marinades make everything better. Use them on beef, chicken or seafood and veggies. Their compliant BBQ sauces are so good we have never bought another kind - even after Whole30 was over.

6. Having a well stocked freezer is critical and Butcher Box sends you Grass Fed and Finished meats that are like none I have ever tasted. You can make your own box and choose how often you want delivery. 

7. I am in love with Pique Tea - especially Ginger Peach which somehow tastes sweetened though it is not! I have several cups a day and always keep the packets in my purse. The crystals dissolve in both hot and cold water so you can even add them to water bottles.

8. A good knife or knives are CRITICAL to chopping properly. If you can only get one, invest in a good Chef’s knife. Go to Williams Sonoma and talk to an expert who will help you choose the perfect one for your needs.

9. If you want to feel like you are drinking soda or make the most fun Mock tails then Spindrift is a must. I cannot drink other bubbly waters with “Natural Flavors” as they give me a tummy ache. Spindrift is carbonated water and a splash of juice. I promise you will taste the difference.

10. I always get an order of Züpa Noma to have in the refrigerator during Whole30. Delicious cold or hot these are the healthiest convenience foods you will ever eat! Züpa uses the whole vegetable to gather the most nutrients. I also love their shots for great immunity protection during these cold winter months. Use code THERESA30 to save 15%

11. If you love coffee like I do and are wondering “how will I ever drink it without creamer?” a frother will change everything for you. I froth my Nutpods and Vital Proteins together for a delicious creamy treat. You will never want to go back to Half and Half.

12. And speaking of Vital Proteins, you will love the flavors and health benefits of adding Collagen to your coffee. They also make Beauty Waters and flavored waters up your hydration game aiding in the detox process.  

So there you have it. I hope this helps get your mind and kitchen prepared and excited for January. I’m here if you have any more questions and if you are local, please come to one of my Whole30 Williams Sonoma Cooking Demos in January. Tickets for sale under Events on my website.

Theresa Newman